Jason Hope’s Passion for Technology

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, futurist and an investor based in Scottsdale, Arizona. He has a degree in finance from Arizona State University and also an MBA from W.P. Carey College’s School of Business. He has a passion knowledge for technology and enjoys giving back to the community. He started his career by creating a mobile communications company since it reaches out to several people and benefits them too. Jason uses his knowledge of technology to look at the industry and predict the future of technology.

The future of Internet of Things

With the current technological trends, he believes that the power of the Internet of Things may be necessary to the modern society’s future. The technology connects many devices to each other. It will ensure elimination of waste and make daily life safer than before. For modern businesses and individuals who want the best ways to capitalize on technology in the future, Jason Hope’s insights and advice will be very helpful. Jason Hope notes that he works on his projects one step at a time. Additionally, Jason says that before implementing an idea he communicates them to people that are very close to him to receive feedback.

Jason Hope also notes that the Internet of Things is going to be so influential such that it will turn out to be the biggest investment that corporations have ever seen. Other companies will not have a choice rather than to adapt to this technology because the global economy is embracing it too. Jason is also positive that the technology will fuel the world where most conceivable devices can connect to each other. Smart technology according to Jason will soon become the only way forward for the future of consumers in the next few years.

Jason Hope has great faith in his philanthropic and entrepreneurial projects that puts forward. His main advice to entrepreneurs is that they should focus on one project at a time. When asked about a strategy that has helped him to succeed in business, Jason notes that keeping contact with all the market contacts and referrals he comes across. Some of the investments that Jason has invested in include companies that provide marketing services, digital media solutions, computer and business information systems, and interactive software. Jason Hope pledged half a million dollars to SENS Foundation in support of its research of Rejuvenation Biotechnologies and also for its mission against age-related Diseases. He believes that aging can be reversed with drugs working at the cellular level.

Jason Hope Info: www.crunchbase.com/person/jason-hope#/entity

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