Jason Hope Lends His Support to Anti-Aging Research

Jason Hope happens to be a forward-thinking futurist, investor, and philanthropist with a passion for both technology and giving back to the community. He has a degree in finance from Arizona State University, and earned his MBA from the university’s W.P, Carey School of Business. Jason Hope believes that medicine is more than just treating. It has to be about prevention as well.

At present, he feels compelled to enhance the welfare of other people. He is also aware of the personal assets that place him in a position to make a difference. As a businessman and entrepreneur, he desires to see Arizona’s local communities do extremely well. He also has the mindset and means to provide support for organizations that pursue humanitarian goals. He especially likes helping those organizations that work to help people live longer, healthier lives.

Jason Hope knows that technology is the wave of the future. His work in the field of technology gives him a stellar understanding of how apps, and software and devices can harness technology in ways that can improve the human condition. Understanding technology to such a degree also allows him to brainstorm new ways to leverage technology. This is where his futurist instincts come into play.

He has the knowledge and ability to help businesses develop technical advances that rest on the cutting edge. His passion is rejuvenation biotechnologies. SENS Foundation scientists are pushing the envelope of science, and are on the cusp of realizing how to slow down the human aging process. The SENS Foundation research for anti-aging solutions centers on helping people create a longer, better, and healthier quality of life.

Hope has supported the Foundation’s work since 2010. Then, his contribution totaled a half-million dollars. Since that time, he has given an additional $1 million dollars to the Foundation to help support their anti-aging research. It is people like Jason Hope that are quietly making a difference in the world. In the meantime, Hope will continue to find ways to support proactive efforts in the field of anti-aging research. This research has the capacity to redefine how biotech, healthcare, and pharmaceutical industries operate and administer products and services.

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