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USHEALTH Advisors is an arm of the USHEALTH Group which specializes in marketing. The arm is focused on marketing a collection of uncompromising health coverage plans that are normally insured and underwritten by the family of insurance companies of USHEALTH Group. The self-employed entrepreneur and the individual American is the target market of the USHEALTH Advisors as well as the owners of small businesses together with their employees and their beneficiaries. Together with USHEALTH Group, USHEALTH Advisors has managed in specializing in serving the needs of the healthcare market which are diverse for more than 35 years.

The product mix of USHEALTH Group offers opportunities in order to support the expanding needs of the insurance buyer at times of rising health costs. The agents at USHEALTH Advisors are well compensated for their efforts when it comes to marketing the insurance policies of USHEALTH Advisors. The agents are able to earn commissions every month together with vested renewals that create an opportunity for them to earn an income of six figures. USHEALTH Advisors’ agents also get to enjoy corporate support and are normally assured of quality support by their policy holders. The customer service at USHEALTH Group also offers accurate and quick responses to questions about claims and policies. Learn more at to know more about USHealth Advisor.

Agents at USHEALTH Advisors are offered exciting bonuses that have been structured to suit each agent. The qualifying levels for such bonuses are normally attainable and can also be maintained by the submission of business regularly. The team at USHEALTH Advisors appreciates and also recognizes the important role that is played by its sales when it comes to the company’s success. Each sales leader is a trained and experienced healthcare product professional who has worked in the insurance field as top producing agents. Once you become a USHEALTH Advisors’ agent, the company offers you the required materials and training in order to help you succeed in your position. The success at USHEALTH Advisors can be attributed to their hard work, determination, discipline and commitment. Customer satisfaction is the number one priority when it comes to USHEALTH Advisors. They work hard to ensure that the strategic plans of the insurance company are implemented.



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