Hussain Sajwani Has Built His Reputation On Being The DAMAC Owner And He Has Moved Up On The Prestigious Forbes List

The internationally respected and recognized real estate developer, DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani has recently opened up about his thoughts on how his hometown of Dubai has reaped some benefit as a result of the significant unrest that is ongoing throughout parts of the Middle East. The truth is that Hussain is not himself overly concerned that any of this turmoil will ever come to Dubai. His home city is ranked as the world’s fifth safest and so DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani does not feel that there is a reason to worry even though some of the neighboring countries have seen major unrest. People still flock to the city of Dubai because of its reputation for safety, and this benefits the city and it benefits smart entrepreneurs like Hussain Sajwani.

Well-known by many as the DAMAC Owner, Hussain Sajwani is a major figure in the Gulf area and is also well-known in the international business community. DAMAC Properties does work across the Middle East and has also worked on projects in the United Kingdom. Hussain’s newest goals with his highly successful real estate development outfit is to expand into China. The company has also worked on projects with U.S. President Donald Trump. 2018 was also a proud year for Hussain Sajwani as the DAMAC Owner rose in the Forbes rankings to achieve the plalcement of being the fifth richest man in the Arab world today.

During the 1982 calendar year, Hussain Sajwani opened up what would become among the most successful catering endeavours operating in the Middle East. 2002 saw the founding of DAMAC and Hussain Sajwani’s impressive run as the DAMAC Owner. This dedicated outfit has been noted for being heavily involved in the residential, commercial and recreational usage sectors and is also the firm responsible for some of the most famous new constructions to go up in the Middle East since the 2002 calendar year. The company is based out of the world famous UAE city of Dubai which Hussain is proud to call his home. The city is known to be a hub for business as well as being one of the most technologically sophisticated cities on the face of planet earth.

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