How Troy McQuagge Conquered The Insurance Business

It can be incredibly difficult to work in sales. Anyone who has ever been faced with the task of selling insurance knows how true this is. Salespeople have the unfortunate task of having to be very comfortable with facing rejection as their job often involves placing phone calls to potential customers and possibly even going door to door or going to events in hopes of convincing people to purchase insurance. Follow:

Salespeople have to master a very difficult and agonizing balancing act. They must be friendly when they meet new customers without coming across as overbearing so that they don’t drive a timid customer away. They must give people enough room so that they don’t feel as though they are being pressured into making a decision to spend money but they must also be firm enough and intuitive enough to understand when it’s time to close a sale. Selling insurance and any other product is a very delicate dance that many people find difficult to master. Some professionals can find the stress of selling directly to clients to be difficult and decide to leave the insurance industry as a result. Troy McQuagge is not one of those professionals. Visit about ushealth news.

Anyone who has taken even just a cursory glance at Troy McQuagge’s resume and professional background would probably conclude that he has developed a strong affinity and passion for selling insurance and working in the insurance sector and they probably would not be wrong. While many professionals might jump across industries or find it difficult to commit to a single sector Troy McQuagge has worked in the insurance industry for more than three decades. His very first foray into the world of insurance and sales was through a position he took in 1983 with the well-known insurance company AllState.

AllState ended up proving to be an excellent training ground for Troy McQuagge who was then still a budding insurance professional. He would go on to leave Allstate for another insurance company that was known as the United Insurance Companies. During his time at United Insurance Companies Troy McQuagge was able to achieve something that many business professionals spend their entire careers just dreaming about, he was named the president of United Insurance Company’s agency UGA.

After honing his leadership skills at United Insurance Companies Troy would eventually go on to work for a company known as Health Markets. He was the president of Health Markets and leveraged his leadership skills and extensive experience in the insurance industry to lead the company to reach the milestone of bringing in more than $1 billion in sales. After his time at Health Markets Troy McQuagge would go on to serve as the president and chief executive officer of USHEALTH Group, Inc. He recently received the One Planet Gold CEO of the Year Award from the One Planet Awards for his work with the company.

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