How Logan Stout Built A Successful Health And Wellness Company

Logan Stout is the founder of IDLife, a company that supplies health and wellness products to its customers. It is a direct selling company where independent contractors sell the companies products and earn a commission on each sale. They also earn a smaller commission when their customers renew their subscriptions online.

Some of the direct sellers working for Logan Stout’s company use it as a side hustle. There are others that are successful enough that they can quit their regular jobs and do their work for IDLife full-time. What helps these people is having a large network of friends and family to initially draw upon, as well as having a premium product to sell that people desire to have.

It was making sense of the health and vitamins markets that Logan Stout built IDLife upon. When you go into a store there are countless bottles of vitamins and supplements on the shelf with no good way of figuring out what you should take. Logan Stout came up with a way of offering supplements that are tailored to be the ideal mix for each customer. The customers take a free quiz on the IDLife website determines the ideal mix of vitamins, minerals, and other supplements they should be taking. This individualized mix is then sent out to them by the company.

Logan Stout grew up knowing a lot about nutrition and healthy living. He is a former professional baseball player who learned all he could about nutrition and exercise. After his career was over he was able to take the tools and knowledge that he developed through his baseball career into the world of entrepreneurship. Besides IDLife, which he founded in 2014, he is also the founder of a baseball development league, Dallas Patriots. His leadership at this league has made it one of the largest baseball development leagues on the globe. Many of the players that have attended Dallas Patriots have gone on to play in college and professionally.

Public speaking is also something that Logan Stout is passionate about. He publicly speaks about his products as well as how to succeed in business and life in general. He developed a partnership with John Maxwell who Inc. Magazine called the “Most Popular Leadership Expert in the World”. This resulted in a program to talk about leadership and personal development in every country around the globe.

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