How did Dr. Scott Rocklage Bring His Idea to Reality?

Dr. Scott Rocklage is currently the managing partner of the 5 AM ventures Company. Apart from this, he has various positions in different companies. He serves board of many pharmaceutical companies. He is usually involved in Rennovia based in Watham, MA. Dr. Scott Rocklage has no plans to retire any soon despite that he is 61 years old. He has engaged in many companies and working hard regardless of the pressure around him.


Recently, Scott interviewed Idea mensch where he clarified many things to do with his life and career. Dr. Scott Rocklage explained his career at 5 AM Ventures when he was asked the origin of his idea for his venture. He said that the name of his company 5 AM Ventures was in line with the mission of the company. The primary objective of this company, 5 AM Ventures was to develop the upcoming firms during their early stages. He also clarified that he works under a particular schedule. His daily duties vary from one day to the other. This program incorporates working on related scientific matters on some days while on different days, he works on managerial responsibilities and attends the board meetings as well. Learn more:


When he was asked about how he brought his idea to reality, Dr. Scott Rocklage said that he ganged up with various professionals inclusive of doctors, researchers, in conjunction with business executives and they established new drugs with the capability of treating unmet medical requirements. I addition, he said that as an entrepreneur, one ought to have apt time management and organization skills as well as the capacity to prioritize issues. By having the capability to prioritize things, they will be more productive.


It’s possible to think that Dr. Scott Rocklage spends all his entire life working since he is currently on the board of many organizations. He is still the managing partner of this company. However, this is not the case. Scott always makes sure that he spends a good time with his loved ones. He together with his wife by the name Patty has been happily married for a long time. They have three kids who have grown to adulthood. They usually split their time between their two homes based in Florida and Massachusetts. Dr. Scott Rocklage also goes to the local Loxahatchee Club to play golf for fun whenever he gets some free time.


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