Guilherme Paulus: The Successful Entrepreneur Diversifying His Portfolio By Venturing Into GJP Hotels And Resorts

From 1972, Guilherme Paulus has been shaping the industry of tourism in Brazil. He has developed an excellent reputation by working in the sector for more than twenty years. At first, he worked at IBM as a computer specialist, but he left to join the hospitality industry and served as a salesman for a company that specialized in tours and travel. Paulus would later join a friend to establish a company that has become a leading travel agency based on the revenues, bookings, and footprints in the industry.

Paulus has also been part of Brazil’s National Tourism of Council where he served for more than fifteen years. Over the years, Guilherme Paulus has committed most of his time to find viable solutions to his business. He has dedicated a significant amount of resources to help in educating the less fortunate children in his country. Paulus is also supporting the next generation to venture into tourism by supporting their talent.

CVC’s Profile

CVC is a highly-ranked company that boasts of having a diverse portfolio of products and services based on bookings and travel arrangement. The company caters to families of all income levels. It also provides packages for more than 1,000 domestic and foreign customers. The company’s travel products combine airfare, accommodations, ground transportation, and travel insurance, among others. Perhaps CVC is prominent and mostly preferred by travelers because it also provides these packages at affordable prices and flexible payment conditions.

Providing Pre-packaged Products

Since 1972 when the business was founded, CVC has capitalized on its mission of providing clients with high-quality travel products. For more than three decades, the management has offered pre-packaged products with better terms and attractive propositions. With Guilherme Paulus in charge, CVC occupies an impressive position in the tourism industry as one of the most successful companies with the yearly revenue of about $5 billion. The company has also capitalized in opening new stores across the country. Paulus has been launching 100 stores per year.

Guilherme Paulus is prominent for having an impeccable track record in starting small businesses and developing them into blossoming brands with high capital returns. For that reason, he has diversified his portfolio by venturing into new markets and establishing new companies including GJP Hotels and Resorts.

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