Greg Secker Successful Entrepreneur and Renowned Public Speaker

Greg Secker is a serial entrepreneur and British investor who have successfully set up many start-ups in the past decade. He is also a mentor for young people looking to start their own business. One of his most successful ventures is The Virtual Trading Desk. It is a unique platform offering a convenient way of trading in real time to pros and beginners as well. He is also the Vice President of Fortune 500 investment bank, Mellon Financial Corporation. It allowed him to travel and learn more about the trading industry of which he is an expert today.

In a recent interview with Inspirery, Greg Secker shared some insightful tips to trading. When asked how he got the idea to start his venture, he said that there was little opportunity for people looking to get into the trading game. He wanted to educate people and provide them with a tool to help them improve their chances of success with little risk. Before starting his own company, he worked for other companies and made money for them. But, he wanted to change it and teach people to make money for themselves. It was then he started programs like Learn to Trade and at the age of 27 and soon was teaching people about trading in the Forex market. It took him just three months to make more money than what he used to earn at his corporate job.

Greg Secker dedicates his success to his friends and families who were by his side throughout the ups and downs in his business. In the interview, he said that it was them who constantly kept him going. He also learned from people he meets during his multiple public speaking seminars. He understands their situations and learns to make himself better by teaching others to make money.

Greg Secker is a graduate of the University of Nottingham where he learned about foreign exchange and trading industry. He is also a reputed author with many best sellers to his name which includes Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Success, Financial Freedom through Forex, Trading your Way to Success, and much more.

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