FreedomPop Receives More Funding

FreedomPop CEO, Stephen Stokols recently shared some very interesting news about the mobile company’s expansion plans in an article that appeared in RCR Wireless. It is also interesting to note that FreedomPop operates on the Sprint Network. Sprint is a network that offers superior quality connections. The CEO of FreedomPop shared the news that his organization received millions of dollars in funding. This funding will make it possible for the organization to expand in this country and internationally. The funding will also make it possible for the organization to avert potential takeovers by outsiders.

FreedomPop is changing the way that people view mobile connections. Most people think that they must pay high fees for good quality mobile connections along with signing a contract. However, FreedomPop offers customers several plans. They even offer a free option that provides limited access. For example, about 500MB data along with 200 text, voice minutes, along with unlimited text. Heavy mobile users might prefer one of their paid options. Still, the paid options are very affordable.

The FreedomPop Advantages
Still, a lot of people would like to know more about FredomPop. What are the advantages associated with this new kid on the block? The top advantage is that the customer does not have to sign a long contract with FreedomPop. The customer is allowed to cancel their service at any time. They also offer their own phones that are very affordable.

Join FreedomPop
Consumers that are on a budget or anyone that is tired of signing long contracts with a mobile phone service, should consider joining FreedomPop. Getting started with their mobile service is easy. Simply visit their site and purchase one of their mobile phones.


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