Eric Pulier and His Effort to Make The World Better Through Technology

Technology has impacted the world in many ways and every day a better way of dealing with problems emerges. Getting solutions to the various problems available across the world is a process that takes a lot of time and dedication from those who take part in building new technologies. Most businesses that today enjoy success were able to grow to this level courtesy of better methods of doing things. They have adopted modern technology and easier processes of dealing with challenges.

Among professionals who have championed the fight to see that the world appreciates the relevance of modern technology is Eric Pulier, who has been in the world of entrepreneurship for over 20 years, specifically working on technological methods of running ventures and managing challenges. Eric has also supported many young entrepreneurs by offering them a chance to build their small businesses.

He has been working with seed level businesses to support their growth, either financially or through proper planning and the execution of modern and better ideas. Eric Pulier is a professional whose presence in the world of business has allowed the development of unique and strong structures that are aimed at enhancing the performance of businesses.

Educational background

A review of his educational background shows great passion for computing and entrepreneurship. He began offering solutions and pursuing ideas in entrepreneurship at a tender age. While at the Teaneck High School, Eric Pulier launched a database company. This success motivated him to further his research and pursuit into technology and entrepreneurship. To fully develop his skills as a technologist, he joined the MIT College, where he pursued Computer Science. Also during this period, he pursued American Literature and English at Harvard and he completed these courses in 1988.


When he graduated from college, he proceeded directly into entrepreneurship. In 1991, he founded his first company, People Doing Things, which used technology to address major issues ailing different sectors in the government. In 1997, he was offered a job to head the Technology Exhibition that was aired during the second Al Gore and Bush inauguration. His perfection at this role elevated his career further.


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