Eric Lefkofsky Has Developed Tempus To Help Cancer Patients

After GroupOn, people were surprised to see Eric Lefkofsky going deep inside a major venture. He could have enjoyed his success with GroupOn. But he went for something that was close to his heart and life. Soon it was to become a part of his philanthropy too.The idea of Tempus came when his wife had been diagnosed with breast cancer. This was when he started to look for relevant data that would tell him about the diagnosis as well as treatment of cancer. He came to realized that very less information was available on this subject.

This is when Eric Lefkofsky met the doctors and realized that there is a large number of people who are affected by cancer all around the nation.The genetic makeup of each cancer patient is different. This means that cancer would affect everyone in a different manner. This would also mean that each cancer patient would need a customized treatment plan which can decrease the pain and help to heal faster. All this would require a strong backup of data in order to make it effective. This is because doctors would have to know the side-effects as well as after-effects of treatment plans that might have been done earlier on all these patients.

Tempus can provide all this. It is able to compile data from all over the nation. The treatment plan, along with the drugs being administered, is noted down for each patient. Next, the genetic makeup of every patient is noted too. Now all this data is matched and analyzed. This allows doctors to know which type of treatment plan works best for which patients and under what conditions.Now Eric Lefkofsky is entering into collaborations with several medical centers. He would like to help as many patients as possible through Tempus. He knows that he may be able to save several lives this way.This is what keeps him motivated and going. He looks at new medical centers all across the country. He wants Tempus to provide assistance over there too. The aim is to help in healing as many patients as possible.

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