Emily’s WEN Experience

Emily McClure was curious to try out WEN by Chaz Dean. There were many occasions where she saw the infomercial for the hair care line. WEN is an all in one hair care cleansing treatment. In the QVC infomercials, the women boast about how great their hair look and felt. Emily was curious about this product and decided to put WEN to the test by trying it herself for seven days.

Emily decided to try out the Fig version of the product. The Fig version is supposed to add some bounce, shine and even moisturize the hair. On day one Emily had to pump 24 to 32 times for her medium hair type. She noticed that for the first time her hair strands did not accumulate in the shower. Her hair did feel bouncy, shiny and full of life. On the second day her hair roots felt greasy. The third day had past and her hair still had a shine and oily feel. As the days went on Emily noticed some positive results and some negative results. Overall the product worked for her hair. She admits that if she had used it on a daily basis as instructed there would have not been any negative results. To get a more detail recap of Emily’s experiment please click on the link: Your text to link…

Chaz Dean had enrolled in cosmetology school for a short time. In this time he found he had a love for hair. He worked hard in perfecting his skills and even helped an already successful company create a product hair line. Later he would have his own company, The Chaz Dean Salon. This is where he developed his own hair products, WEN. He now has a celebrity clientele and is also helping others have shiny beautiful hair.

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