DIY vs. Try Peel Off Masks Recap

YouTube beauty blogger Wengie experiments to find out if homemade or store bought peel off face masks are better overall. She says she will compare the homemade mask to a mask she bought at the Face Shop.

She begins by making a charcoal mask with school glue and powdered charcoal. Wengie demonstrates how to mix the mask with the perfect ratio of ingredients. She then applies each mask to one half of her nose. Her boyfriend also decides to try the charcoal mask on his nose. She notes that the mask took so long to dry, she helped it along by pointing a hairdryer at her face.

Finally, she removes the masks. The homemade charcoal mask is difficult to peel off and leaves bits behind on her face. She checks it and it seems to have removed no dirt or oil from her pores. She then decides to try the mask again with a thinner layer in case she did it wrong the first time. The second attempt peels off better and she says it is painful, which “is a good sign.” This time, it did remove buildup from her pores.

Wengie then peels off the store bought mask. She complains that it is very painful to peel off. She also notes that the side of her face with the DIY mask feels smoother than the store bought mask side. Wengie ends the video by removing her boyfriend’s DIY mask and notes that it removed a huge amount of dirt from his face.


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