Deirdre Baggot– Expert on Bundled Payment for Better Healthcare

To be where she is, Deirdre Baggot endured a lot and worked twice as hard. She worked to gain extensive experience and knowledge and it has indeed paid off. She has since been credited for some of the major implementations of new payment models one of it being the bundled payments.

Dierdre Baggot has been the brain behind developing client relationships and implemented programs and even strategies for almost 200 hospitals and 60 bundles. This has greatly improved the patients’ experience as well as the clinical outcome to a considerably low cost which has been a major saving for both the hospitals and physicians.

Dierdre has worked with so many other people to create awareness and generate revenue to help in assisting healthcare advisory forms. It is expected that bundled payments will soon take over although it may take a short while for the board executives in the hospitals to finally get the full picture of how bundled payment works.

With the introduction of the bundled payment, a physician will be disciplined to only provide to the patient what they need, there will be a Zero volume play, physicians will be forced to conform to the set standards and practices. Also, the implementation of the bundled payment will mean that there will be a need for competent leaders thus prompting for a change in management.

Baggot acknowledges that it will not be a small task to transform an organization completely from a fee-for-service system to a bundled payment one but it can be successfully done if careful steps are taken during implementation.

As an expert reviewer, Deirdre Baggot as written and published so many papers on Bundled payment, she has given actionable insights on implementation. She has also been called to speak as a keynote speaker on the same. Visit to learn more about Baggot

More about Deirdre

Dierdre Baggot was in 2012 appointed to be an expert reviewer of Bundle payment by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid. She has been featured on many expert shows and was once a chair of the National Bundled Payment Summit which was meant to give solutions to the issues on payment in the healthcare industry. Read more:



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