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Copa Star, Rio de Janeiro is a known for high-quality healthcare since it opened in November 2016. One of the best hospitals in Brazil and South America has specialized and advanced treatment options. The hospital is also known for the facilities it offers as it is providing ultra-modern amenities and options. It should be noted that the hospital is giving 5-star amenities for patients and their relatives.

Copa Star is located in the vicinity of Copa Cabana beach and the one of the luxury it provides include an option to watch the beach and skyline from the hospital using cameras fixed on top of the hospital building. The administrative policy of the hospital ensures safety, personalized care, efficiency and agility to address the needs. Dedicated service and professionalism by the staff are making sure that each patient is getting proper care. The management is very much committed to making an environment of both mental and physical health for the patient, to ensure recovery on time.

The hospital is specialized in providing the best in Neurosurgery and Cardiac Surgery. The specialized equipment and care system are capable of giving the best output with the help of expert physicians. The hospital staff is specially trained to take care of the patients. There is 550 dedicated staff in the hospital, which includes doctors, nurses, and other supporting staff. Each registered nurses receives two months special training on how to handle critical situations, how to behave professionally etc.

The hospital building is considered to be an example of architecture excellence. With plush sofas, a grand piano, different artworks, the lobby of the hospital showcases itself as the face of the institution. The hospital is built-in an area of 21,000 square meters with 155 patient suits, nine operating rooms, and 59 ICU rooms. It is equipped with MRI and diagnostic system, patient areas, smart operating rooms, and robotics. The architecture of the hospital helps to grasp maximum sunlight into the rooms which ensure natural lighting into the patient rooms. It also has a specialized restaurant to serve delicious and quality food to patients and their relatives. The menu of the cafeteria is designed by Roland Villard, Sofitel head chef.

Copa Star has developed an application to ensure smooth managing of things around the patient. Each bed would have a tab with the app installed, and the patient can control the surrounding including light control, call the nurse, curtain, video conference with the doctor, etc. The doctors can use the tab to show the reports, scanning results, etc., to the patient more effectively. The ICU rooms are equipped with video technology that allows people to watch what happens in the street as the street cameras send the footage to the special screens in the ICU for the patients to watch. Due to this, the patients do not feel isolated while they are admitted to the ICU. Visit their page on Facebook.

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