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Peter Briger, taking Fortress Investment Group to a Higher Level through Top Notch Finance Skills.

Peter Briger is a man who has made his mark in the finance industry and it is no wonder Forbes ranks him among the top four hundred businessmen around the globe. Presently Briger works at Fortress Investment Group where he the President and also co-chairs the board of directors. Peter also dubbed Pete, is acclaimed

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Fortress Investment Group: Protecting the Public from Harm

The Olympic Games is one of the most attended sporting events in the planet. In 2010, the organization took the Olympic Games to the Vancouver Winter Olympics. The city government does not have sufficient funds, so they asked for the assistance of the national government regarding the matter. The national government stated that the Fortress

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Wes Edens Specializes in Alternative Investment Vehicles

Wes Edens is a renowned businessman and investor who specialize in alternative investment vehicles in various industries around the globe. Wes Edens is currently the Chief Investment Officer of Fortress Investment Group a global investment firm specializing in alternative asset categories. Wes Edens also is the Head of Private Equity serving as Co-Chief Executive Officer.

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