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The Agricultural Exports of Brazil

This past June, Brazil’s export trade in agribusiness was announced to be 0.7% below June of the year previous. Flavio Maluf, the head of Eucatex, said in 2018 up to that time the export sales of the Brazilian agricultural industry had reached $9.21 billion. Soy products accounted for much of this, representing 53.5% of exports

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Waiakea Water Is A Gift From Nature

Waiakea water saves your body from the damage that it would sustain from more acidic waters. This is because Waiakea Water’s high pH is better for the human body. Bottled in Hawaii, Waiakea is the freshest that you will get when it comes to bottled water. The alkalinity also helps to make it one of

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OSI Group’s Comprehensive Product Creation and Research

OSI Group is a leader in cost-effective food service solutions from processing and handling meats, to including other foods in their packages. The company originated from and is headquartered in Chicago but has grown into an international food wholesale chain serving 40 different countries. OSI Group’s inventory includes a diversity of customized packaged foods and

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