Cassio Audi life in music

Cassio Audi is a businessman from Sao Paulo, Brazil. What many people do not know about him is that before he ventured into business life, he was a member of a music band. He was one of the founding partners of the Viper, a popular band that rocked Latin America in the 1980s and 1990s. The group was created in 1985 Cassio Audi and four of his friends who were teenagers at the time. The other band members were Pit Passarell, Yves Passarell, Felipe Machado, Andre Machado. They majored in unique music that many people in the area at the time did not relate to. However, due to their prowess in performing and composing songs, they attracted many music lovers to their genres. Some of the genres they dealt with included heavy metal and alternative rock. Viper band was drawing inspiration from an England band known as Iron Maiden.

Viper Rock Music Band released their first demo album known as The Killera Sword in 1985. The album composed of some hit songs such as Signs of the Night, nightmare, and Killera Princess from Hell. Some of these songs would appear in their first official album although they were redone. Cassio Audi used to be the drummer for the band. People who know him from back them says that he was talented and would have gone far were it not or the decision he took to switch to another career. In 1987, Viper released their official album entitled Soldiers of Sunrise. Some of the songs in the album included Knights of Destruction, Signs of the Night and Soldiers of Sunrise.

The album they released was sensational. It received positive reviews from the fans and music experts. Ebing their first album, they had outdone themselves. They had accomplished what other musicians would fail to do even with experience. Soldiers of Sunrise was featured in popular Latin America Magazines and sold over ten thousand copies which was a great achievement at the time. Viper continued and released their second album before Cassio Audi quit the group.

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