Cassio Audi: Before Finance There was Viper Rock Music Band

Cassio Audi has been in the limelight for years. He has been on stage. Together with his friends— Yves Passarel, Felipe Machado, Andre Machado, and Pit Paddarel—Cassio formed the Viper Rock Music Band. Playing the role of a drummer, Cassio set out on a musical journey that saw the band get airplay and hit numerous stages featuring electric performances with hits like Nightmare, Princess from Hell and Killera.

The Early Tunes

The band hit the industry in 1985, and Cassio took his role as drummer very seriously. In fact, he outdid himself at every performance that he earned utmost respect from other band members. The band drew inspiration from Iron Maiden, a classic heavy metal band that has done exceptionally well over the years. The band’s first album, “The Killer Sword,” got the attention of young people looking for rock music. The album features several tracks, and most of them became almost instant hits.

More Success

Later, the band released the second album, “Soldiers of Sunrise,” which showed that Cassio had a commanding voice when it came to drumming sets and vocals. However, some people were critical of the type of music the band performed, but this did not stop the group from achieving greater success. The band received many awards due to its achievements in the world of music. Their music took them beyond the Brazilian borders to America and Europe. Apart from drumming, Cassion played an active role in composing the band’s songs in their second album.

The Exit

After the release of their third album, “Theater of Fate,” Cassio Audi took a bow out from the music scene to answer a call from the financial world. Overall, Cassio remains a legend in Brazilian rock music and an amicable artist for his drumming and vocal skills.


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