Cancer Treatment Centers of America is Empowering Patients to Take Control of Their Care

Stating that cancer has a huge impact on our society today is almost an understatement. Every year well over 1 million people are diagnosed with cancer in the United States, not to mention, the hundreds of thousands of Americans that die from the disease yearly. Still, many individuals suffering from the disease have very limited information of alternative and advanced treatment options as well as the cancer itself. This is why Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) is urging people to learn more about their cancer and is offering help to do so.

CTCA is a national for-profit network of five hospitals that has been treating cancer patients for over three decades. It has decided to enter a partnership with WebMD, an online publisher of reliable, up to date health related news and information. Both organization share the common goal of helping patients and their family navigate the cancer experience the best way possible. CTCA considers cancer treatment more than just treating the disease itself. It believes the fight against cancer takes place on two levels. It treats the disease with the most recent technologies and advanced options, while simultaneously delivering proven supportive therapies to manage the many side effects of treatment.

This revolutionary approach to treatment helps keep an individuals spirit up and improve quality of life under the circumstances. CTCA wants every patient that walks throuugh its doors to feel as comfortable as humanly possible. It promotes a welcoming environment for both the patients and their caregivers. Its methods are all about empowering the patients by providing them the information needed to make informed decisions about their care.

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