Bruno Fagali: Creating A More Transparent Judicial System In Brazil

About Bruno Fagali
Brazil is known for its influx in the number of lawyers and law schools. It is estimated that the number of lawyers in this country exceeds one million. This means that Brazil has more lawyers per capita than a country like the U.S. With so many lawyers, how does one individual lawyer stand out from the crowd? Well, this is a secret that only Bruno Fagali can disclose.

In a country where studying law has become the most commonly practiced career, Bruno has managed to build a legacy and become one of the most reputable lawyers in the land. He has a degree in law from the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo where he also pursued and specialized in administrative law. He is also a holder of a master degree in State Law from the University of Sao Paulo.

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Today, Bruno Fagali specializes in compliance, ethics, administrative law, urban law and regulatory law. He is self-driven and passionate about what he does. These qualities have helped him grow and become the household name he is today in Brazil. Before 2007, Bruno Fagali handled domestic violence, family law, and consumer law. However, after 2007, he decided to take a different direction and decided to focus on advisory public law. He has served in different law firms that gave him the platform to sharpen his skills as a lawyer. However, he is currently a corporate integrity manager at Nova/SB. Nova/SB is an advertising firm that works with big organizations such as the World Health Organization. Nonetheless, he still practices law independently and runs the Fagali advocacy.

Bruno Fagali is fully dedicated to bringing a change to the Brazilian legal system which many have termed slow. He also believes that for any judicial system to be effective, then it must be uncompromising in matters to do with integrity. He is known for implementing different actions to clean up the judicial system in Brazil. He has also helped big corporations achieve transparency in their systems.

Final Word
Integrity is crucial in the judicial system and helps create equality. This is why Bruno Fagali is fighting to keep the Brazilian judicial system transparent.

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