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Bridget Scarr is a career creative producer, a singer and a writer with a knack for creating diverse content that resonates through various platforms. Bridget has worked on platforms such as; television, virtual reality, interactive exhibition, augmented reality and digital content. She creates content for both intellectual and entertainment purposes.




Bridget Scarr has under her hat 15 years’ experience as an executive producer in television, animation and advertising. Some of her responsibilities at Colibri included overseeing a team of creatives over their creative development and technical production output.




She is currently the head of the strategy, partnerships and content development at Colibri Studious. She is also in charge of programming formats. Colibri Studios is a television content development, and her job demands that she forges collaborations with broadcasters from all over the world as well to promote projects. The Colibri Studios produces animations, drama films, entertainment and lifestyle programs, and documentaries.




When she is not working on one of her numerous television projects, Bridget Scarr will be meditating, singing or writing a book. She is currently working on her first novel, which is in the fantasy epic genre. She is also a singer and spends some of her free time working on her album.




Bridget’s love affair with creativity was cemented when it was the very thing that saved her the moment she had lost everything she owned when her first business collapsed while she was pregnant. It was a personal outlet according to her and kept her from anger, despair and helped her reconnect with her inner self despite battling depression at that time.




Bridget graduated from Rhodes University in 2004 with BA honors in Drama Music Psychology Politics and English. She has held numerous positions in television production at the start of her career. Bridget Scarr was a co-founder, financial producer and head of Production at Zero Point Studios from 2010 to 2011.




She was also a partner and managing director at Pollen Creative Media from 2008 to 2015. When she and her partners started out at Pollen Creative Media, she was overseeing a team of only five people. From a capital of $ 10,000, the number of employees later grew to over 200 staff members.




Pollen Media specializes in Broadcast, Advertising and Digital Solutions. She then went on to work at Colibri studios from 2016 where she has been the executive producer for one year and eight months.


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