Brian Torchin, One Enterprising M.D.

Brian Torchin is quite an educated individual. His studies of the medical world started with his attendance at University of Delaware where Exercise Science was his major. He received a B.S. pre-med degree. After U of D he then enrolled in NY Chiropractic College, where he obtained his doctor of chiropratic certification. Since he had reached an educated level in the medical world he was now able to practice his chiropractic skills. He opened a chiropractic clinic in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He had the sought-after knowledge of chiropractic experience which enabled him to deliver great care with his patients.

He felt that, that medical businesses especially have the resources to obtain great employees for their practices such as doctors offices, hospitals, and the legal workplace. He works with other professions such as physical therapists ,dentists and physician assistants too.

“Glassdoor” disclosed that Brian Torchin, medical profession and/or business within 72 hours, a competent worker filled the vacant position. This business, “Health Care Recruitment Counselors”(HCRC)staffing has become a model for companies all over the world which include Australia, Canada, Europe and USA. HCRC publishes a periodical to keep companies informed of latest information regarding staffing. This company’s specialty is in employing various medical employees to fill these open positions. HCRC is useful in 50 States and Asia. They operate in providing quality workers for medical professions. HCRC assists the various professions by first employing the right candidate based on company’s standards. They then aid in the interview process as well as checking references. Contracts are then formulated with negotiating strategy. View CNN iReport about Brian Torchin

“Glassdoor” reports that this dynamic company produces the employees that best meet a company’s need. HCRC has become a major player in the world of medical staffing expectations. Thanks to the diligent and professional efforts of HCRC’s founder ,Brian Torchin, the world is improving because of its origins. When a staff member leaves a job the medical office loses a valued employee and hampers the office’ ability to provide quality care for the patients This is where HCRC does the preliminary choosing of that employee to the completion of hiring process.

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