Brian Torchin: Entrepreneur And Healthcare Staffing Pioneer

Brian Torchin is the founder of Healthcare Recruitment Conunilors. Healthcare Recruitment Conunilors is a medical staffing company, known all around the world. Torchin started the company after managing medical offices in Pennsylvania, Florida, and Delaware where he developed his expertise in the medical staffing industry. Brian Torchin began his company to assist hospitals and medical offices in the time-consuming work of recruiting, interviewing, and hiring medical in-home staffing.

Brian Torchin’s Business Model and His Use of Social Media

Brian Torchin home is in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Healthcare Recruitment Conunilors serves medical staffing needs in Canada, Europe, Australia, and Asia. The majority of the company’s clients are repeat business. By using the company’s staffing services, the medical institution saves on costs recruiting the best talent for their hospital or clinic.

One of Brian Torchin’s primary communication tools is social media sites such as Facebook. Torchin feels by using social media platforms he has the upper hand to gain leverage and exposure of his company.

Using links to his HRCC career and staff positions available, all the job candidate has to do is scroll down the wall display for a range of choices to choose. Most unusually for large hospitals needing to fill a critical position, using social media is a magnificent tool to access people required for this positions. Read more about Brian Torchin on

Healthcare Recruitment Councilors offers many links to their blogs and articles. In these blogs and articles, potential candidates can find information on staffing, hiring, and interviewing candidates. Trochin contributes many of these blogs himself in his mission to expand his clients’ information base of his candidates and inform those in the healthcare industry.

Trochin Believes in The Power of All Social Media

In addition to using Facebook, Brian Torchin is a great believer in the use of Twitter use of social media. Torchin links his tweets to job seekers throughout his company’s information network. By using a simple tweet, Trochin connects his candidates to a world of information, including all medical fields such as a chiropractor, and other medical job openings.


Torchin use of social media has paid off with one of the largest renowned medical staffing industries in the world. Before he started his company, he earned his Exercise Science degree. His medical origins began working as a chiropractor and running many medical clinics.

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