Boraie Determination in Projects

The project is an activity you decide to work on and develop it to better the state. In every project, one should be ready and determined to do and accomplish it without self-interest.


When starting a project, people may think you don’t know what you are doing and maybe you are crazy, but always aim to complete it as per your dreams. For example, Sir Omar Boraie had a vision for developing New Brunswick decades and he is still continuing in shaping it when he started people could not believe he will develop anything and mocked him to be crazy but he was determined to what he wanted as end results.


When Sir Boraie was starting his project, the place was empty and scared, people could not walk at night, but he together with his team Boraie Development, LLC thought that was the place they could make their dreams come true in making New Brunswick take shape. They faced many challenges and mocking from doubters, but never gave up.


According to NY Times, the Building (Alban street plaza tower one) was Boraie’s great project in town. He started by buying vacant buildings and gave out his plan, but thought he was out of his mind but he was on track. It was completed years back and sold. That was the beginning of people believing in his projects. With this, he was among the first people to help in making the rebirth of New Brunswick possible.


Teamwork helped a lot in the rebirth. When people work together, share ideas and do what people think is impossible. Projects done by a team are very successful for example Borsaie did the project with his company and family and reached outstanding results. Check out to see more.



Doing a project aiming at people’s interests and benefits also are important to every project. An example, the New Brunswick gives all workers opportunities to work, live and enjoy the life and entertainment offered. Good work accomplished gives credit to the team and motivates on working other projects.


All great projects are accomplished by being determined, focused and never losing it.



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