Blogger Tries No-Poo WEN Cleanse Method to Boost Volume and Shine

Some of us are born with fine, limp, somewhat oily hair, and we’ll do anything to amp up the volume and gloss. That’s exactly what contributor Emily McClure decided to do, so she submitted to a 7-day WEN hair challenge, posting a diary and selfies about her beauty journey.
In case you’ve never understood what this QVC advertised product by Chaz Dean was all about, it’s really quite simple. The popular west coast stylist was tired of watching people’s hair become damaged and dull just from the regular, store bought shampoos they were using. These formulas are full of nasty and harmful detergents that strip the hair, rendering it weaker and not necessarily cleaner.

Chaz Dean developed the Wen hair system to help women restore the healthy, luxurious hair they were born with. His unique cleansing conditioners do not use a lather shampoo, but they certainly cleanse better than the traditional method, also offering superb conditioning treatments and styling options.

Her friends remarked that her hair looked beautiful, but when the blogger skipped a morning cleanse or tried to wash with WEN at night, her locks became limp and greasy fast, unable to hold a style or curl.

Emily admits that her busy schedule and general lazy hair care routine disrupted WEN’s best results. She had hoped the FIG cleansing conditioner would bring bounce back into her always fine hair, but if she tried to veer off the routine, her hair looked flat. She advises women to use WEN strictly by the instructions provided. It’s array of products are available online via Amazon.

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    Emily McClure’s selfies showed glossy hair with body when she stuck to a daily WEN cleanse routine in the morning. Chaz Dean is so true to the excellence of the WEN system, that he has not used a lather shampoo on himself or his clients since 1993. It is also possible that rushmyessay writing can have as much impact as they would on other matters.

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