Arthur Becker Is The Hands-On And Working Entrepreneur

Arthur Becker learned at the tender age of sixteen that there was definitely another type of business for him to step into. He worked in the relentless heat of the sun, mowing steep rock filled roadsides for an hourly wage of $1.60. He knew it was time to find another avenue that was profitable.

Through the years he honed his abilities and talents and became CEO of NaviSite in 2002 through 2010. Then he held the position as CEO and Chairman of Zinio, LLC in 2012 through 2015. He realized that he was more than an Entrepreneur, and he had a talent for management. He sold NaviSite in 2011 and his interest became piqued in Real Estate and BioTech startups for cancer treatments.

Arthur Becker is currently a Managing Member of Madison Partners, LLC, a prestigious Investment Firm. They have heavy interests in the Real Estate and Bio-Technology industries. He began to invest in real estate projects in Miami, Florida and New York City as an Entrepreneur. The various stages of watching a project from inception to completion give him great satisfaction. He works through the entitlements, designs, securing financing, watching the structures take shape, and marketing the finished products.

New York City will have fresh new Town Houses on Sullivan Street that are almost finished. Building the Luxury Residential Condominium in the Tribeca area is the next project on the agenda. He coordinates and organizes the work with experienced and talented people. Then he gets out of the way and lets them do their jobs.

Arthur is a successful Entrepreneur and sees the BioTech startups offer more than profitable opportunities. They increase the economic status of the community and make significant discoveries in the treatment of cancer. He doesn’t have a medical background, but that does not stop him from learning about Bio-Technology and its benefits.

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