American Institute Of Architects Join To Strengthen Their Profession

The American Institute of Architects (AIA), a New York City organization established in 1857 has its head offices in Washington, D.C. 13 architects started the institute with an aim to promote members scientific and practical perfection. The institution offers community redevelopment, public outreach, government advocacy and education to enhance public image and architecture professionalism.

Before the establishment of AIA, there were no institutions for architectural training or licensing in the United States. The formation of this institution body yielded to the creation of bylaws and a constitution in 10th March 1875. Organization members signed the new laws on 15th April 1857. However, it was revised after a year with an objective to develop the scientific, practical and artistic profession of members. They also focused on combining architectures efforts in advancing their general art.

Between 1860 – 1880, St. Louis, Cincinnati, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Albany, Washington D.C., Boston, and Baltimore joined the AAI chapters. Rhode Island, Chicago, and Indianapolis were also registered. Robert Ivy heads the vibrant network of over 250 chapters and over 90,000 licensed associated professionals and architects. Its members observe professionalism and code of ethics while dealing with clients. They assure delivery of highest architectural standards to the clients, public and colleagues.

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AIA has five membership levels. The Architect members licensed by a United States authority are approved to practice architecture. Associate members despite their degree studies in design, work under the guideline of a technical or professional architect. Holders of architecture license or its corresponding from certifying authority not based in the United States are the International associate members. Emeritus members must be above 65 years and unable to serve in the architecture occupation. Allied members are partners with the AIA and American Architectural Foundation. They are experts in building and designing, of which majority are planners or engineers.

The architects of AIA organization influence government practices that impact on the professionalism and quality of their training in America. By monitoring legislative and regulatory movements, the team uses the influence of its members to participate in decision making. Through Robert Ivy leadership, the institution works with the government to protect infrastructure, and acquire affordable shelter for all Americans.

About Robert Ivy

Robert Ivy, the American Institute of Architects (AIA) chief executive officer also serves as the organization vice president. He is an architect by profession committed to strengthening the organization through educative initiatives, advocacy, and public outreach. Since 2011, Robert has transformed AIA and has positioned it as an influential, proactive and responsive organization globally.


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