Month: June 2018

Brian Torchin, One Enterprising M.D.

Brian Torchin is quite an educated individual. His studies of the medical world started with his attendance at University of Delaware where Exercise Science was his major. He received a B.S. pre-med degree. After U of D he then enrolled in NY Chiropractic College, where he obtained his doctor of chiropratic certification. Since he had

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Contactless Payment From PSI-Pay

Without any doubt, there have been many advantages after using contactless payments. The payment method is fast and easy when using; it is a form that is designated to make easy payments that are easy for all the consumers and mostly for retail settings. When using the method, no need to have credit card checking,

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We Have To End Citizens United

They may call it Citizens United, but it really is not a group of united citizens. Instead, Citizens United is a group of corporations, buying American elections, even at the highest levels. Enter the group fighting against this mass corruption – End Citizens United. The mission of End Citizens United is to fight against the

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