Month: November 2017

How Logan Stout Built A Successful Health And Wellness Company

Logan Stout is the founder of IDLife, a company that supplies health and wellness products to its customers. It is a direct selling company where independent contractors sell the companies products and earn a commission on each sale. They also earn a smaller commission when their customers renew their subscriptions online. Some of the direct

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Troy McQuagge Is Recognized During The 2016 One Planet Awards Ceremony

During the 2016 One Planet Business and Professional Excellence Awards ceremony, there was a stiff competition between different companies. Professionals and organizations from around the globe were nominated in various categories. However, only a few managed to win in the prestigious awards. Troy McQuagge, the president and CEO of USHEALTH Group, won the gold award

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Write About Sussex Health

When people need specialized care, Sussex Health is there to provide it. This company is the premier care home that utilizes a holistic and uniquely personalized approach in all phases of an individual’s treatment plan. Only the best healthcare workers are employed in this forward thinking establishment. True attention to each person’s individual needs and

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